Sample Meditations and Affirmative Prayers

The Power of Prayer & Meditation

Due to popular demand, we will soon be offering Mp3s of Affirmative Prayer/Meditations.  Topics include Joy, Prosperity, Peace and Success.  Available in general format or custom design. Elisheva is a powerful manifestor who has used her voice with an intention of love for years. People receive to the capacity that they allow, which is why The Goddess Sings offers group and individual programs to expand receptivity and acceptance of flow.

The Power of Affirmative Prayer Daydreamin
“When I was 12 years old, my sister was away at college. She called and asked for my help. Her car needed repair and she wouldn’t have the money to fix it for three weeks. I had her describe her car. I imagined her driving happily back and forth to school and work, not a care in the world. I gathered up all my passion, sent it to that image, gave thanks and let it go. Her car functioned for another three weeks until she took it in for repair. The mechanics looked under the hood and gathered around scratching their heads. The main mechanic said, “Lady, we don’t know how this car is running. The spark plugs aren’t even connected.” As a pre-teen, I knew nothing about cars and spark plugs, but I did know that putting thought and feeling together could manifest what some might call a “miracle.” No miracles here, simply know-how and passion!”

Here is a sample peace meditation: 

Here is a sample of an affirmative prayer for prosperity:


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