From Resistance to Flow Through the Power of Joy in 90 Days

Hello there.  It’s Elisheva with something special to share with you!

If you’ve been following me, you may have noticed that I’m teaching more and more on one of my all time favorite topics:  Joy!  Joy isn’t just for folks with rose-colored glasses. Joy is the highest vibration possible.  That’s why joy is at the heart of an extremely powerful game changing alchemical process that I’ve put together in a 90 day program.

From Resistance to Flow Through the Power of Joy in 90 days!

Flow: greater peace and joy, richer relationships, increased money substance, improvements in health, more energy, a greater sense of purpose and personal power.

This program is designed for folks who are ready to step into joy on a daily basis and who want to learn to consciously allow manifestation with regularity.

I am so passionate about what I do because, as the Goddess of Transformation, I have helped people make huge shifts in their lives for many years.  I’ve seen people go from being stuck, unhappy and limited in their expression to becoming joyful, more prosperous, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually healthier, more vibrant and alive.  My system of transformation results in richer relationships, greater self worth leading to increased money substance, improved health and well being as well as greater access to creativity and intuition, gratitude and appreciation for self.

Joy is your power for manifesting and I can show you how to activate it!

Are you tired of existing at a low level of energy?  Do you feel like you don’t have enough passion and inspiration?  Is life passing you by while you feel on the outside of it all? People spend thousands of dollars year after year on therapists and healers looking for ways to release the past and step into their joy.

Life does not have to be so hard. Give up the struggle and choose to step into a greater expression of yourself.  Life is too short to waste a moment. Turn away from the old stories and limiting beliefs and learn how to live in the flow of life on a daily basis.

For years I have helped people tap into their personal power using sound, movement and the arts.  For instance, there was Angelica, who was timid and shy and in a job that she hated. After a few months of working with me, she came into her expression (singing and dancing) and came out of her shell.  She now has a prosperous and thriving yoga business of her own.  She didn’t have the authority or power to claim that before we started working together.  Angelica is just one of many success stories.

Many people have asked me how it is I stay so youthful looking with high levels of energy and enthusiasm for life.  I am excited to share my secrets of living a joyful life with you.  Once you have mastered this system in only 90 days, you will always be able to find your way back into the flow of life.  Then people will ask you how you stay so happy and youthful looking.

How much time and energy and money has it cost you to stay stuck in the old patterns of subsisting at a lower level than you know you could live?  Has complacency kept you from getting a raise at work? Has it kept you from accepting as much money as you desire?  Has resistance to life stopped you from having loving, harmonious relationships? Do you even realize when you are in resistance?

Minor irritations on a daily basis add up to a life of stress.  The continual experience of “bad days” is not normal and should not be tolerated.  “Bad days” lead to bad weeks and months.  Do you have any time to spare enduring another bad year? Life is meant to be joyful and flow smoothly.

Bottom line: When you step into your joy, the people around you step up as well.  You are not only investing in your own joyful future, you are providing a model for your family, friends and community as well.  Be the ripple effect you want to see!

All it takes is a little willingness to experience the beauty and joy of life as you know it is meant to be lived.

That’s why I’ve created a brand NEW strategy session focused on just ONE thing:  a powerful vision of what your life will look like when you choose joy on a daily basis.

In the coming weeks, this 30-minute Gold Breakthrough to Joy session will be offered on my site for $149.

Here’s what we’ll cover in your 30-minute session:

Together we’ll look at where you are in your life right now and where you would like to see the benefits of joyful conscious creation working in your life; finances, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual health, relationships, creativity.  We will discuss what you’ve tried in the past to get you to a place of living in joy.  We’ll troubleshoot what may be keeping you from experiencing the joy you know you could experience.  You’ll leave the session energized and inspired to step into the vision of what your life could look like.

Together we’ll find out if we’re a good and if this program is right for you.  This opportunity is right for you if you are ready to turn your life around, change a few perceptions and implement simple, daily practices that will bring you to a place of allowing and accepting the very best.

One clue that it’s right for you is if you’re truly committed to living a life of prosperity, passion and joy.

If that’s you, I invite you to apply for a session.


To claim one of the sessions that remain, here’s what to do…


To apply, simply fill out this form.

Rest assured, your answers will be kept strictly confidential, so you can speak freely – or write freely, as the case may be!  If you’re more comfortable and it’s easier for you, create and send a 2-5 minute long video and send it to my lovely assistant, that answers these questions:

That’s it!

If you are accepted, my client care Goddess, Barbara, will reach out to you to book your Joyful Conscious Creation Visioning session.

One last thing, if you got excited reading this or you’re feeling that gentle nudge  from your inner wisdom that this might be right for you, I urge you NOT to wait. Why postpone joy? I don’t know how long this offer will last.

If this opportunity is calling to you and you know you are ready… I can’t wait to connect with you!

Many blessings and lots of love while living in the flow of ease and grace!  And remember to choose joy!  It is your birthright.

Elisheva Herrera

The Goddess Sings

PS: After these 20 spots are filled (only 15 remain), this session will be packaged up and offered on my website at an investment of $149. My clients will happily tell you, that’s a steal for what can happen when you have the inspired Goddess of Transformation focused solely on you and working for you in a 30-minute session.

I invite you to act on your Divine Guidance, no matter what…. if you’re hearing a yes, don’t wait. Hit reply and answer the questions now.  I look forward to hearing from you!   🙂

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