Winter: Gathering Inner Light – Program Info

Now Accepting Applications for 2 Scholarships! 

Do you know any women who would benefit from an online community that offers:

–       Connection to Self & Others

–       Reclaiming intuition

–       Accessing peace and joy regardless of outer conditions

Our mission is to see women be bright vibrant beings who raise the vibration on this planet at this time.  For this reason, we have offered this program at a very reasonable price.  $399 for 8 webinar gatherings and access to new moon and full moon ritual videos.   That’s only $133 a month.  For the wise woman investment of $333 paid in full up front, you get a savings of $66!  Think of the long terms benefits of knowing how to access your peace and joy!

Invest in full upfront for $333 and save $66 (Best deal!)
Payment in full accepted now.
paypal pay now

TWO SCHOLARSHIPS OFFERED!  We are so committed to getting women to shine their light, that we are offering 2 scholarships!  If you feel you are one who belongs in this program, and you feel you cannot afford it at this time, send us an email telling us how a scholarship to this program would benefit you.  In return, we ask for a testimonial.


What does it cost you to live with stress? Does constant stress weaken your immune system in the winter? Do you have to be sick in order to allow yourself time to slow down?  Being ill means being less productive which can lead to a loss of income. So, at some point, working hard becomes counter productive.  You feel like you never have enough time. What’s worse is all the stress sucks you dry, you feel like it robs you of joy.  Joy is priceless.  Isn’t that why you do it all in the first place? To have it all? Enjoy it all? Revel in it all?


Not disengaging from life, but rather, living in the flow is the answer to being busy and fully engaged in life.  The seasons connect us to the earth, which connects us to our primal selves.  When we are connected to earth, nature and ourselves, we are more connected to others.  Being in touch with the seasons and cycles of life grounds us in the present moment, which is where the joy of life is.  Instead of being disconnected, why not be fully present in the juicy flow of life? So get off the hamster wheel and get back in the flow. Aren’t your bank account, health and well-being worth it?  Can you imagine the long-term benefits of knowing how to access peace and joy in spite of what’s going on around you?

Gathering inner light. Gathering in our resources.  Hibernation. We have everything we need to regenerate, to reclaim our sense of wholeness.  First we must go within.

In a world of hunting metaphors, it may be judged as weak to slow down, weak to show vulnerability because only the strong survive.  This is purely misperception. The wise woman slows down to review what has passed in order to let go and move forward.  The wise woman breathes and feels her way into the present moment.  She is in tune with the seasons and her own cycles.  The wise woman is so aware of life through her innate senses that she moves beyond the senses and lives firmly grounded in the material world fully aware of what is unseen and unsaid.  The wise woman is so aware through her intuition that she senses what is happening around her.  Being deeply grounded and connected prepares one in a powerful way for life’s surprises.


Mama bear move slowly in the winter. She even hibernates. What is stronger than a Mama bear protecting her family?  We are all mothers, whether we have human children or not. We all have our creative natures as wild women to protect.  These creative natures must be cherished, nurtured and protected.  It is only through a strong sense of self that we can rise up to be power houses who gather community together.  Winter is a time of going within and magnifying the light.  When we do so, we honor our own cycles and seasons.  This is how we magnify the Divine Feminine. Who better to bring beauty and order to the world, connect community and usher in a new era of the Divine Feminine?

An excerpt from:

“My Body Longs for the Mediterranean” by Elisheva Herrera     images-1

I am one with the four-legged who runs on instinct through the bramble and the thistle as if constant motion could save one from the dangers of life.

Run with the pack or go it alone?  
Who can think with so much beauty?
You ask me why I howl?
What else to do but grieve the passing of the day?
I know not if I’ll see another.
Living so close to the Earth, I know her cycles.
Smell them coming. 
I’m very aware of life and the absence of it.
Desire the driving force.

We can be in our wild nature, move quickly through life and STILL be very connected.  How? By being still when it is called for. By listening so deeply to our own inner cycles that we know when to be still and when to take action.  First we listen to our own inner wisdom. Then we take action on the guidance. This is called Inspired Action.  It is much more effective than running in circles and feeling as if we never get anywhere.

What others are saying about working with Elisheva:

“There is a soft yet powerful vibration that Elisheva exudes out and to the world and to be in her presence is pure joy. Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to share sacred space with her where we were blessed to hear her sing and when she did…it was as if the angels had joined our gathering. Truly…Eli is a gift from the Divine. I believe that she is a portal for the Divine to communicate Love to us all. What a blessing!.”..Lady Morrighan, Irvine, CA.

“…so much more than I imagined!  You are an amazing teacher and healer!”  Deborah, Mission Viejo, CA.

“After talking with you, I feel like I just had a huge vitamin boost!”  Sandra, Dana Point, CA.

“You keep me on track with your powerful knowing and unwavering strength,” Coleen, Palo Alto, CA.


This program offers:

• Transformative tools for accessing inner guidance, wisdom and strength.

• Techniques for going into the silence: Sound, movement, breath and lightwork, because there are more ways to go into the silence than just sitting still.

• Techniques to reconnect to your own inner wisdom, your own inner guidance system.

•  Rituals to connect to earth and nature through the seasons.

•  Ways to connect to your own cycles.  Learn to listen to the wisdom of your body.

•  Learning to listen to Divine Inspiration and take Divine Inspired Action!

We will connect through:

Ritual.  Why is it so important? All the indigenous cultures used ritual to mark the passing of time.  Ritual can help you feel connected to the infinite and understand the mysteries of life. Ritual can connect us to community and bring an active experience of involvement with nature, with life itself. Ritual can show us the Divine Right Order in the world and how we are part of the whole.

Sensuality.  Why is it so important to be aware of senses? When we are fully in our bodies, we are fully in the present moment, which is where joy lives and breathes. Also, when we are fully engaged in our senses, then we can move beyond our senses.  This is where intuition lives and breathes.

Play. Why is it so important to have play in life?  It frees up our spirit when the inner child is allowed to run free. Why connect with the inner child? We connect with our inner child in order to balance mind, body and spirit, to free ourselves of the day to day responsibilities and enjoy life. Why do we want to be childlike?  Being childlike allows us to see with new eyes, to be open and innocent and trusting. To be childlike is to be trusting in the flow of life and to see life through childlike wonder. When we’re childlike we allow more good in because we expect our good is coming. We don’t worry how. How is not even a question.  To be childlike is to be fully in the present moment expecting our good, which draws it to us…over and over again.

Storytelling.  Storytelling reminds us of our interconnectedness. In seeing our own stories reflected back to us, we gain understanding of selves, understanding of others. We are renewed and restored in our ability to greet life continually. “If you don’t know the trees you may be lost in the forest, but if you don’t know the stories you may be lost in life.” -Siberian Elder.  “There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories.” -Ursula K. LeGuin

Lightwork. You will learn to shine bright like a diamond.

Webinars will be conducted on Wednesdays.  See schedule below. All content will be recorded, so if you can’t make a date, don’t worry.  It’s saved.  Besides juicy webinar content, you will receive videos for full moon and new moon rituals and various techniques described above.

Schedule for Winter: Gathering Inner Light

Here is how to reserve your spot in From Disconnected to Wise Woman Living in the Flow Through Seasons and Cycles. Winter: Gathering Inner Light.

OPTION 1: _______Invest in full upfront for $333 and save $66 (Best deal!)
Payment in full accepted now.
paypal pay now

Our mission is to see women be bright vibrant beings who raise the vibration on this planet at this time.  If for some reason, you feel you cannot afford a one time payment, and you are sincere about shining your inner light, please contact us (be sure to supply name, your own email address, phone number and a brief note) and we will discuss a payment option that includes a non-refundable deposit of $133 and at most, 2 payments of $133 invoiced to you.  Keep in mind if we hold one slot for you, that means one less woman can enter the program. So, please, only women who already take responsibility for their creations and are sincerely ready for joyful transformation and shining their light.

Link to Agreement

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