From Disconnected to Wise Woman Living in the Flow Through Seasons and Cycles

Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel? Do the seasons come and go without you being aware of them? Do you even know when the moon cycles are? Have you lost touch with your own cycles? 

Why are you so busy? Why does life go by so quickly? Are you exchanging peace for prosperity? Why not have both?

What does it cost you to live with stress? Constant stress leads to a weakened immune system, which means you get sick and you’re less productive, leading to a loss of income. So, at some point, working hard becomes counter productive.  You feel like you never have enough time. What’s worse is all the stress sucks you dry, you feel like it robs you of joy.  Joy is priceless.  Isn’t that why you do it all in the first place? To have it all? Enjoy it all? Revel in it all?

Not disengaging from life, but rather, living in the flow is where it’s at.  The seasons connect us to the earth and since we are all connected to the earth, being in touch with nature not only connects us to self, it connects us to others. Being in touch with the seasons and cycles of life grounds us in the present moment, which is where the joy of life is.  Instead of being disconnected, why not be fully present in the juicy flow of life? So get off the hamster wheel and get back in the flow. Aren’t your bank account, health and well-being worth it?

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