Our mission is simple: Living in the flow by following guidance (intuition) with an open heart.

Our motto: Joyfully transforming lives through sound, movement and the arts.

Our methods and practices lead to:

  • Greater Appreciation of Self = Greater Self Worth (more $$$)
  • Healthier Relationships
  • Greater Health and Vitality
  • More Creativity, Greater Intuition
  • A Life of Purpose and Passion
  • Being the Change You Want To See

We have many tools and done for you processes you can step right into. All it takes is a little willingness to transform.

There are many programs offered. Gold programs offer more one on one time for folks who are eager for transformation.  Group programs are offered for those who don’t require as much face time. Whether you step into a gold program or a group program, we promise you will get the attention you deserve.

If you do not see a program for you right now, but are ready to do one on one mentoring, simply ask and chances are, we can design a custom transformational program to fulfill your needs.

Much love, many blessings and JOYFUL transformation,
Elisheva Herrera

Goddess of Transformation

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