About Elisheva


Joyfully Transforming Lives Thru Sound, Movement, and the Arts148777_457324316925_595236925_5465204_5932647_n

What’s behind the name, The Goddess Sings? Elisheva has been called The Goddess of Transformation for many years now. When people would ask her why The Goddess is so happy, she often responded, “The Goddess Sings.” This is code for being fully expressed. The Goddess not only sings, she is an intuitive, teacher, spiritual life coach, transformative artist  and Laughter Yoga leader. Elisheva once charmed a bull by singing a 15th Century Spanish romantic ballad with an intention of love. A writer, singer, painter and dreamer, Elisheva has been aware of lucid, symbolic, prophetic and other dream states since the age of 5. She comes from an ancestral lineage of curanderas, shamans from the Southwest.

Elisheva has a B.A. in Economics with a minor in Music from Tufts University near Boston. While grateful for her book smarts and academic abilities, Elisheva sees joyful living as her greatest accomplishment. She lives a magical life by listening to her intuition and following her desires. Elisheva teaches others to live in the flow in group and one on one programs.

Elisheva lives in San Clemente, CA where she sings, speaks, teaches, coaches and performs.

Here is how you can contact Elisheva:

Peace on Earth

Dancing Hawk

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