Queen Initiation

images-14“Eli, I know you’ve been doing Queen Initiations.  Can you teach me what it’s like to be a queen, to expect to be treated like a queen?” a friend asked me.
“Of course.  I’d be happy to do some work with you on this.  It’s as good for me to share this as it is for you to receive it.  Let’s see, we have two hours before I need to be at the train station.”  My Long Island friend had informed me that I’d be hard-pressed to find a cab driver to take me to uptown Manhattan at a certain hour in the afternoon since the drivers would all be going downtown to switch shifts.
We sat comfortably in her living room with only the dog and cat around as I began to talk about the queen energy.
The queen serves her principality.  She ensures the Queendom is running smoothly, harmoniously and prosperously.  She serves with authority and fully expects the Universe to serve her.  She expects to be treated like a queen.  It is a Divine Contract.
How this applies to us today is that we are all in service. We each have dominion over our own principality, which is our own lives.  We are given our gifts and talents by Divine Right.  So, when we share those gifts and talents, we serve by Divine Right.  There is great power in this!
The Universe fully supports who we are. By extending our gifts and talents, we embody who we are meant to be.  There is a place in the world for each and every one of us.  This is why the Universe supports us in who we are.  Divine Intelligence has made us out of itself.  There were no mistakes in giving us our unique abilities.
Therefore, true service is accepting exactly who we are.  The work is not out there in getting, the work is within, in accepting.  It’s about aligning with the Divine blueprint of who we are.  Desire is Spirit speaking through us, leading us to be our highest and best.
By standing in acceptance of our complete authority, we allow the Divine to flow through us.  Doing so is acceptance of our Divine Contract and we can expect ease and grace to accompany us in all we do.
My friend took in all these ideas as I led her in meditation.  During this sacred time I continually used affirmative prayer for acceptance of greater good, for embodying the queen energy.  We were both pretty high by the end of it.
We raced out the door in the nick of time for me to make the train.  By the time I arrived in Manhattan with my huge suitcase, it was the very time my friend said was the worst time to arrive.  I asked a public servant to point me in the direction of Central park. Walking up the one-way street north was my best chance of catching a cab.
On the train ride I affirmed that my perfect ride uptown existed, in spite of what my friend had warned. I declared, “I am the queen of my principality.  Of course it will be easy for me to get a cab.”
I stopped on a corner and stuck out my hand.  I heard a voice behind me say, “A hitchhiker’s thumb actually works better.”  I turned around to see a lovely younger man who looked like Spike Lee in ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ stick out his hand, “Nice to meet you.  My name is Phil.”  I couldn’t help but return his courtesy and tell him my name as we shook hands.  He said, “I’m going to help you get a cab.”
Phil looked down at me over his horn rimmed glasses.  He was a wiry fellow, short hair, dress slacks and shirt, umbrella ready to save a damsel in distress.
Phil and I exchanged pleasantries while we kept our eyes down the street waiting for a cab to come around. Phil worked at Macy’s and was finished for the day.  He had a short list of the reasons I should call on him at work. I gently informed him that I was a married woman. He insisted on helping me even though he knew I would not be seeking his attention. We discussed the time of day and he told me confidently, “Rest assured, my lady, I will find you a cab. But first, there’s something missing.”
“What’s that, Phil?”  He had come in closer to my ear and for an instant I took my eyes off the road.
“Your crown.  That’s what’s missing,” said my self-appointed hand servant.
“What?” I feigned surprise.  It was what I had been putting into Mind, that I was a queen.  I was still surprised that Phil could easily see it.  Not even the bombastic noise of the city streets could keep the right person from showing up to reflect my idea back to me.  
    Phil continued, “Your crown.  You can’t fool me.  I know you’re a queen.  You may be able to fool other people, but you can’t fool me.” He had a knowing grin.  There was no way he could have been convinced otherwise.
I smiled at him and said, “Thank you Phil.”
He nodded and just then a cab came by and stopped.  Phil informed the driver where I needed to go.  The driver began balking and Phil would hear none of it.  “You’re going in that direction anyway.  Be a good man and help this fine lady.”
I thanked Phil and kissed him on the cheek.  He tipped his hat and closed the door for me.  I watched him as we drove away.  He had the look of honor to be of service.  I was grateful to accept.
Did I do the queen’s wave?  The thought crossed my mind, but no.  I simply smiled back and marveled at the results of my belief, mirrored back to me in this sweet young man.  I was definitely given the Queen’s treatment in Manhattan.

About elishevaherrera

I am a teacher, spiritual life coach, vocalist, speaker, shamanic healer and transformative artist. I bridge the gap between the mystical and mundane and teach tools for joyful transformation through sound, movement and the arts.
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