There’s No Place Like Home

Three years ago I left my beloved friends in the San Francisco Bay area to move to Orange County for a fresh start on life. My communities asked me to write about my escapades so that we could still be connected. My life is often stranger than fiction and I love telling a good story, so it was with glee that I said yes!  Thus began my Living in the Flow, Living From Guidance blog.

Miracles happen when one lives from Guidance. Living in the flow becomes the norm. That’s because that little voice inside doesn’t come to us because we’re crazy, but rather, because we’re connected to Source and Source loves us unconditionally and only wants us to be joyful. Some might say that voice is the voice of Higher Self, the non-duality soul of us that has always been connected to Source.  Higher Self sees the bigger picture and can lead us to having a most magnificent life if we listen, trust and then act on the information given us.

Three years ago I did just that when I was prompted to move to Orange County.  Divine Guidance said, “Your energy is needed to magnify the Divine Feminine in that area.”  Helping to usher in the Divine Feminine?  How could I refuse? Believe me, it wouldn’t be prudent to refuse.  This was the Universe telling me which path to take, and although it wasn’t spelled out at the time, I knew I was seeing the first bricks of the Yellow Brick road. Dorothy ain’t got nothing on me!

Of course there were some twists and turns on the road.  There was the scarecrow who didn’t know he had a brain and then rediscovered it. There was the tin man whose heart was all rusty but once oiled, beautifully intact. Then there was the cowardly lion who realized by looking at this acts, he had been courageous all along. Then there were the crazy monkeys (read monkey mind) trying to swoop down and get me.  Of course, all these characters were me, aspects of me.

But like Dorothy, I trusted the process.  By choosing the path of the yellow brick road, I get home faster. Where is home?  Where the red shoes are, where my feet are planted. I have all the information available to me to lead the best life imaginable, no matter where I am. Divine Intelligence through me has all the answers and knows exactly what to do and when to do it.  The Divine Feminine is Glinda the good witch waving her magic wand and imparting her wisdom.

So it is with great pleasure that I realize once again, I am home. I have clicked my heels three times and declared, “There’s no place like home.” Now that I’m settled in, I’m taking others on the magic path with me. Skipping down the yellow brick road through joyful transformation leading to better relationships. Check. Greater prosperity. Check. Greater expression.  Check. Better health.  Check.  A greater sense of love and support. Check. There’s no place like home.

About elishevaherrera

I am a teacher, spiritual life coach, vocalist, speaker, shamanic healer and transformative artist. I bridge the gap between the mystical and mundane and teach tools for joyful transformation through sound, movement and the arts.
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