Winter: Gathering Inner Light Program starts

Wednesday, January 9th

Here is how to reserve your spot! 

paypal pay nowInvest in full upfront for $333 and save $66 (Best deal!)

Our mission is to see women be bright vibrant beings who raise the vibration on this planet at this time.  If for some reason, you feel you cannot afford a one time payment, and you are sincere about shining your inner light, please contact us (be sure to supply name, your own email address, phone number and a brief note) and we will discuss a payment option that includes a non-refundable deposit of $133 and at most, 2 payments of $133 invoiced to you.  Keep in mind if we hold one slot for you, that means one less woman can enter the program. So, please, only women who already take responsibility for their creations and are sincerely ready for joyful transformation and shining their light.

Program Page

Finding Light in the Dark Days

Click here for the replay.   Winter: Gathering Inner Light – Reclaiming Time

Want To Learn How To Lift Up the Vibration in Your Home/Workspace?  Watch this


Wonder why it seems some people live a charmed life? The sun is always shining on them? They’re happy and always expecting the best from life? Are they happy because they’re lucky? No. They’re successful because they are joyful. Joy is a consciousness, a state of mind that can be cultivated. When we are happy, life is easy because we are in a state of allowing and life smiles down on us.

Most people make the mistake of thinking, “I will be happy when…” This puts joy in the future, which never comes. Joy is our natural inheritance. Accessing peace and joy in the present moment is how we get to live our very highest and best good.

If love is always the answer, joy is the key.  When you are in joy you cannot help but attract the very best. That state of receptivity and allowing comes from following desires, listening to and taking action on intuition.

The Goddess Sings offer tools for joyful transformation through group and individual programs that provide practical easy steps to allow the flow of prosperity for richer, more abundant lives.  From Fragmented and Disconnected to Wise Woman Living in the Flow Through the Seasons and Cycles is a group program for women who are ready to access peace and joy regardless of circumstances.  Stand in the Power of Your Voice helps clients come into stronger, clearer vocal expression.    If you are ready to live beyond the law of attraction for a happier, healthier life with more ease, From Resistance to Flow Through the Power of Joy in 90 days is the program for you.

The Benefits:

Life in the Flow

Accessing Peace and Joy regardless of outer circumstances

The Power of your True Expression

Are you ready to become golden?

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